Galactic Armada

What is Galactic Armada?

Galactic Armada is a 4x real time strategy game that is experienced in 3D Space from the cockpit of space ships. Galactic Armada is a space simulation sandbox in a proceduraly generated galaxy with a player experience that revolves around strategy, tactics, space combat, galactic conquest, empire management, survival & exploration.

Lead A Galactic Empire

Assemble fleets with a wide range of ship classes & command your fleet admirals to carry out simple and complex stategic tasks such as attacking enemy positions, defending your empire's assets and supply routes, hunting down pirates, rebels and more!

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Epic Space Combat

Engage in epic space combat with hundreds of ships including fighters and capital ships. Take command of fleets utilizing a fleet tactics system and sway the battle outcome to your favor.

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Conquer The Galaxy

Conquer proceduraly generated galaxies with up to 16 Empire's by capturing planets and star systems or be the last empire standing in a galaxy filled with dangerous space creatures and entities capable of destroying entire star systems & planets.

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DeepLogic AI

Experience next generation artificial intelligence with "DeepLogic" AI Agents which have situational awareness, tactical analysis algorithms, morale & mental states and advanced behavioral algorithms. AI that can surprise you and make independent choices as well as follow orders from a chain of command & more!

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Survival Is Paramount

Survive the challenges of a dangerous sandbox galaxy with random events, galaxy wide catastrophes and end game crisis. Watch the galaxy dissapear around you as space titans roam the galaxy consuming entire star systems and space creatures that devour starships for dinner as well as space pirates, marauders, empire rebels & hostile space entities. Will you take a stand and save the galaxy or watch your enemies dissapear into the dark night.

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Player + AI Choices & Death Have Consequences

Player Choices, Battle Outcomes & Galactic Events effect officer morale and mental states enhancing or negating AI fighting ability and behaviors. Ignore small problems and they can grow into very large problems that can threaten the very existence of your empire such as empire rebels. Player death has empire wide negative morale effects.

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Minimum PC Requirements

intel i5 equivalent processor or greater.
Nvidia GTX 550 equivalent or greater.
4 gigabytes

Virtual Reality Compatible

Experience Galactic Armada in virtual reality with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets. Nvidia 770 equivalent or greater video card required.

Community Driven Development

The community plays a large role in development.The developer has an overall vision for Galactic Armada but remains flexible and responsive to community response and reaction to systems and game mechanics during development in order to produce the most fun gaming experience. Join The Community Alpha Tester Application

Galactic Armada

Estimated single player beta release date.

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Financial Contribution

DeepLogicGames is a small independent studio with big dreams & galactic size ambition. We need models, artwork, sound fx, additional programmers as well as communications and management personnel to reduce development time.

Join The Community

Contribute to the development to Galactic Armada by expressing your opinions about development progress, game mechanics and the general direction of the game on the forums as well as joining the Alpha & Beta Testers Groups. Join The Community Alpha Tester Application
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